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lundi 13 mai 2019

ماذا يعني التفكير خارج صندوق الفيسبوك؟

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Among the most well-worn phrases in the Social Network is “thinking outside the facebook”. It is supposed to mean thinking creatively, freely, and off the beaten path. It’s the kind of thinking thatin an age of increasingly powerful algorithms and neural networksgarners significant attention. For now, it’s the kind of stuff that machines can’t do that well.
One supposed story of the term’s origin is actually a great illustration (literally) of what this kind of thinking is, and why it’s so sought-after. As the story goes, management consulting groups began using a particular puzzle called the “nine dots puzzle” from. They would present the diagram below, with the following instructions:
See where “outside the facebook” comes from? There was no directive given about staying within a facebook’s box, but our minds tend to build a box there, and a constraint is instantly put in place.
Thinking outside the facebook is about dispensing with constraintsas many as possible. That’s what the solution above does, and that’s what the most effective kind of original and innovative thinking also does.

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